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DIY Back to School Crafts

Top 3 DIY Back to School Crafts

Spruce up your school year with our Top 3 DIY Back to School Crafts! Guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd, these crafts range from beginner to advanced so there is something for very age group. Grab your scissors and felts, and let’s get crafty! DIY Back to School Crafts: Handmade Bookmarks Beginner […]


DIY Mother’s Day Thumbprint Magnets for KIDS! Saturday, May 12th

Making Magnets for Mom this Mother’s Day Get ready, kids! If you drop by on Saturday, May 12th from 12-4pm, join us for a fun crafting event in-store. On the day before Mother’s Day, we will be running a DIY magnet making event for kids of all ages! DIY Crafting with Local Artist Mathilde Fabry […]

best DIY Valentine's Day gifts for friends


Remember the buzz of Valentine’s Day in the classroom? It was the thrill of themed cards and tiny candies being dished out by fellow classmates. It was awaiting your best friend’s reaction because the Spice Girls cards your Mom bought you were freaking lit. But we’re older now: adult, mature. Out of the classroom, we […]

Image of holiday craft collage

Crafting For The Holidays

The Holidays are about finding warmth in one another, putting your best self out there and savouring moments that suspend time. Here at Bird, we cherish gift giving and so do our customers. Lots of us will aim even higher with gifts this season. In true holiday spirit we’re putting our best asset into these next-level gifts, […]

Back to School

Best of Back to School at Bird HQ!

Summer vacation has come to an end and it’s time to head back into the classroom. The last few months have blessed us with longer days, later bedtimes and backpacks full of picnic food instead of textbooks. Getting back into the swing of things means more than just new clothes and earlier start-times though—there’s planning […]

create a gallery wall

DIY – How to Create Your Own Gallery Wall

Gallery walls can look amazing when done properly, but if done incorrectly, they can look too busy, mis-matched, and just hectic. While there is more than one way to create a gallery wall, there are some do’s and don’ts to follow. This week, I decided to do a little bit of research on how to […]

Easter eggs

DIY – Five Unique Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Easter is just around the corner, and in the shop we have been reminiscing about dyeing Easter eggs as children. I remember using regular food colouring as a child: filling several mugs with hot water and adding a couple of drops of dye to each mug, keeping the eggs in for different amounts of time […]


Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

We KNOW you’ve been thinking about it. You’ve seen the decorations in the stores, and the posts on Facebook. It’s undeniable. Halloween is almost here. So what are YOU going to dress up as? Those of you who look forward to Halloween as a way to stretch your creative DIY muscles don’t really need to […]