Inspired by the Great White North. Vast landscapes of natural beauty. Celebrations of diversity and shared experiences. A place that we are proud to call home. The votive candles burn for approximately 30 hours

Each Vancouver Candle Co. artisanal candle is handcrafted using traditional methods and make use of the finest quality ingredients including premium soy wax, pure cotton wicks, natural essential oils and perfume grade fine fragrance. 

The North: Revel through the luminescent landscapes, breathing in an air of fresh lichen and bright fireweeds. Contains amber, artic heather and moss.

West Coast: Take a stroll through the old-growth forest, taking in the woodsy aromas and fresh mountain air. Contains fir, spruce and oak moss.

Prairies: Be transported to meadows of vibrant wild flowers where bold notes of aromatic brush and warm earth fill the air. Contains wild rose, currant and sage.

Great Lakes: Infusing the tranquility of the glass-still lakes with sweet foraged wild berries and fragrant woodlands. Contains sweet fern, blackberry, white oak.

Atlantic: Bask within the fields of lavender, letting the wispy grasses and coastal breeze calm your senses. Contains bergamot, lavender, violet.

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