This is a great starter collection for all ages. All easy to grow seeds can be directly sown in the garden or pots starting in May.

It contains:

Miniature White Cucumbers - an heirloom variety that is delicious fresh or pickled.

Scarlet Runner Beans - a heirloom that dates back to before 1640. This vigorous vining plant can grow up to 10 feet with beautiful red flowers that can be used as edible flowers or allowed to mature into beans that are delicious steamed with a bit of garlic and butter.

Sugar Snap Peas - this variety is about 100 years old and a great hit with kids. You can eat all parts of the pea plant: leaves, stems and flowers. The peas do not need to be shelled and are especially delicious right off the vine.

Dwarf Sunflowers - this is one of our few hybrids, but who could resist the opportunity to grow a bit of sunshine in a pot or rooftop garden in the heart of the city.


All our seeds are non-GMO.

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