Your skin is your body’s largest organ, absorbing what is applied to it’s surface. DOM’S DEODORANT uses 100% natural and pure ingredients that really work to inhibit the bacteria that cause odor, allowing you to stay remarkably fresh while being kind to your body.

Sweating is your body’s efficient way of regulating heat and eliminating toxins. That is why clogging your sweat glands with commercial antiperspirants/deodorants is NOT in your body’s best interest. The sweat in your armpit area is comprised mainly of fat and protein which, in of itself, does not smell. It is the bacteria living on your skin that feed on your sweat and produce odor. DOM’S is not an antiperspirant. It does absorb some moisture but its main action is to inhibit bacterial growth

We use ORGANIC COLD PRESSED VIRGIN COCONUT OIL as our base. Not only does it moisturize and absorb easily but it is naturally antimicrobial.

Our BAKING SODA is sourced from a naturally occurring sodium bicarbonate deposit in the mountains of Colorado. It is naturally aluminum free and its alkalinity inhibits the growth of bacteria to help keep you fresh. It is finely ground, allowing for a smooth, non-gritty application.

ARROWROOT POWDER, made from the root of the South American plant, Amaranta Arundacea, is a non GMO starch that helps to absorb moisture and give DOM’S its silky texture.

The 100% PURE ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS we use are sourced from a Canadian Company with great integrity. Not only are they strong antimicrobials but they smell amazing too!


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