The Richest Hot Chocolate... ever made with certified organic chocolate shavings... that's whole chocolate... not powder!

Stir our delicious shavings into warm milk and create a delicious, satisfyingly yummy experience.

SIGNATURE: milk & dark blend with aromatic spices delivers a complex, distinctive and fragrant flavour.

POBLANO: spicy warmth & darker blend. Blended Mexican chili& spices for a little bit of heat.

CLASSIC: creamy and delicately spiced rich milk chocolate with a touch of cinnamon.

CHAI: Wonderful rich chocolate mixed with fragrant spices. A bit spicy, warm and relaxing.

SEVILLE: robust, darkest blend, 71% velvety dark cocoa mass chocolate with a hint of cinnamon... specially blended for Non-Dairy or Vegan diets.

Makes 6-8 servings

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