The Raven is a highly intelligent creature of Mother Earth, often thought of as mystical, sometimes even a little mischievous.

A beautiful 14k gold-filled halo accompanies the Raven's flight, symbolizing a new moon


This gorgeous necklace is a true labour of love! Each piece is sawed out one at a time from a metal sheet using a jeweler’s saw. They are then hand refined by the artist using a variety of methods.



  • Pendant: oxidized 925 Sterling Silver, 14k Gold filled
  • Chain: 925 Sterling Silver, approx. 32" (easily wear overhead)
  • Findings: 925 Sterling Silver jump ring (no clasp)
  • Raven's wingspan is approx. 1.75"


*This is a handmade piece, necklace may differ slightly from what is pictured.

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