Materials: art, paper, ink, birch wood panel, resin
Size: 4x5 inches, 1.5" deep (10x12x4 cm)
Panel: birch wood made in Canada
Finish: super glossy resin

Hate buying art and then spending even more money to frame it? Us too! Ready to hang, these glossy art blocks make great housewarming gifts!

The glossy finishing coat on these panels really makes the colors pop!  Each art block is sealed by pouring an artist-grade resin on top which gives a beautiful, lustrous finish. After much research & experimenting, Kris Brownlee found a product that releases no VOCs and is environmentally stable. Plus it looks gorgeous!

You may see the odd tiny speck of dust or bubble, but they do their absolute best to keep the surface as smooth as possible. As is the nature of anything handmade, hopefully you will see the beauty in any small imperfections!

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