My painting "Caging the Forest Bird" is almost even lovelier as a sparrow pendant! This series of paintings began when I was reflecting on the concept of "home" for a group art show I was part of a few years ago. To me, home is a place we carve out for ourselves. I always feel most at home when I'm out in nature, enjoying the quiet spaces & marveling at the birds that flit between the trees. I hope you'll feel a little braver venturing out into the world wearing this bird necklace!

Made of antique-patina brass, a tiny reproduction of my wind-up bird painting is embedded in the locket setting and sealed with shiny resin for a glass-like finish.

Put a picture of a your very own on the inside of this bird locket and wear it close to your heart!

Hung from a 16 inch antique brass chain with a 2 inch extender, this locket has a lovely vintage feel, like unearthing a treasure from your grandmother's jewelry box.

Locket size: approx 1 inch across (28mm)

Necklace length: 16 to 18"

Inside image space: 19mm

Clasp: Lobster clasp

Extender: 2 Inch

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