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Mother’s Day Gifts – Staff Picks!

Mother’s Day is May 13th – just four weeks away! Here at Bird on a Wire, we want to share some of our favourite Mother’s Day gifts and treats! Because every mother should feel special, appreciated and loved, and how better than with locally crafted art?

In store, our gifts selections range from edible to wearable and everything in between. Discover unique and handmade treasures from local Vancouverites, made with love. It can be overwhelming to choose a favourite from over 250 artists. However, we’ve managed to narrow down our top Mother’s Day picks that will warm the heart and soul.

Heather’s Mother’s Day Gifts for the Environmental Foodie

“My mother is an environmental minimalist who loves to socialize! She loves food, and for a long time her world revolved around it, so it’s not surprising all of my gifts are on that theme. I chose Roxanne Gagnon’s ceramic condiment dish, because it’s something small with purpose. She lives in Prince Edward Island and the cheerful seagull is perfect for either coast.

I also selected Abeego snack wraps. My Mom a smart snacker and she’s always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly.

Finally, because she loves the opportunity to share unique flavours, I chose the Chocohappy lavender chocolate cone. I can just picture her unwrapping this as a surprise treat at the end of dinner (and hopefully giving me a bite!)”

Alice’s Mother’s Day Gifts for the Meaningful Minimalist

“The bond between mom and child will always be one of the strongest I know. My mother is my favourite person, and I want that to reflect in the gifts I give her. The Morse Code Girl’s bracelets are secret messages in dots and dashes made from sterling silver, on a silk cord. Once put on, you wear them everywhere until the day they fall off. These bracelets are beautiful private messages in Morse Code to my mother – a sweet and simple reminder that her children are with her always.”

Laura’s Mother’s Day Gifts for the Tea Lover

“In my mind, there’s little that is more comforting and grounding than a piece of handmade pottery that is used everyday. And when you can hear a little of the story behind who created that piece? It makes it even more special.

So my choice for the perfect locally made Mother’s Day gift, is a beautiful teapot crafted by Robyn Williams for the Vancouver social enterprise, Just Potters. Just Potters is part of the Just Works enterprise, that provides training, jobs & more to those who have barriers to employment, such as homelessness or long term addiction. My mother has always taken every opportunity to befriend and assist others. Using this small teapot everyday would make her feel as though she’s truly connected to something meaningful, and that she’s doing her part to help others become successful in life’s journey.

And if I give her a pack of gogoBag’s reusable teabags along with the teapot, she can take her loose-leaf tea with her on her volunteering days. So she’ll be helping the environment too!”


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