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  • Amola Salt - Bacon

    Amola’s signature and best selling salt for over 3 years! Their bacon salt sets a new standard as they use real heritage breed pork in our salt to provide that authentic...
  • Amola Salt – Garlic & Rosemary

    Amola’s Garlic and Rosemary Salt is our most versatile seasoning that can be used for everyday dishes such as soups, stews, roasts and more. With the pungent aroma of garlic...
  • Amola Salt – Black Truffle

    One of the richest flavours in the world, the taste screams luxury. This salt will raise your caprese salad and mashed potatoes to new heights. 60 grams per box INGREDIENTS:...
  • Amola Salt – Molten Hot

    Hot sauce, meet your match. In Amola's Molten Hot Salt, all-natural sea salt is infused with some of the hottest chilis in the world to get your tastebuds jumping. Add...
  • Amola Salt - Coast to Coast Duo

    Celebrating the best of both coasts, the Coast to Coast Duo Salt Pack contains two styles of Kosher sea salt: flakes from the Pacific Ocean, and grains from the Atlantic Ocean....
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