The Last Straw: Saying No to Plastic Straws

Did you know Canadians throw out approximately 57 million plastic straws a day? Plastic straws are one of the top ocean pollutants and are more likely to be littered than properly disposed of. Yet almost everywhere you go in Vancouver, plastic straws routinely come with your drink order. How can YOU help make a difference? Add reusable glass straws to your bag.

Vancouver Votes to Ban Plastic Straws

Vancouver joins the fight against plastic straws, as part of a larger waste-reduction strategy that targets single-use items such as foam cups and take out containers. The City's movement, known as the Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy began researching regulatory options back in February 2016. As of May 16th, 2018, Vancouver has voted to approve a ban on plastic straws and polystyrene foam cups and take-out containers. These new bylaws will be in place by the fall of 2019, meaning it's time to start investing in your own reusable to-go options now!

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Restaurants In Vancouver Give Up Plastic Straws

Deep Cove, which includes over fifteen food-based businesses, is the first community in Metro Vancouver to ditch plastic straws entirely. The Vancouver Aquarium has also switched away from plastic straws, as marine life in the most impacted by their waste. Warren Erhart, president of White Spot and Triple O’s restaurants, is on a mission to phase plastic straws in all his restaurants. Many local Vancouver businesses are exploring alternatives to plastic straws, offering them on request only, or switching over to paper or glass straws.

Eco Friendly Glass Sipper Straws with frogs

Buying Your Own Glass Straw in Vancouver

Want to do your part in going zero-waste? Love using straws but want to cut back on plastic use? While some businesses still use plastic for now, and others may not offer eco-friendly alternatives, the best thing you can do is carry your own straw with you!

At Bird on a Wire, we are proud to carry glass straws by the Glass Sipper, a local family enterprise. Based in Kitsilano, the Glass Sipper straws are made from durable borosilicate (basically indestructible!), and are dishwasher safe. They come in straight, bent, smoothie, and regular sizes - one for every occasion!

Glass straws extremely durable and tolerant to temperature changes. The borosilicate is also non-porous, which means bacteria from your smoothie or milkshake won’t get stuck in the glass and make you sick. Unlike steel straws, whose lack of transparency make them hard to clean and can change the taste of certain drinks, glass straws show all the drink residue inside for quick easy cleaning.

The best part about Glass Sipper's straws is that they are totally unique - choose from a variety of handmade designs, including flowers, plants, and animals!

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