Craft and the Furious Comedy Night

“Are your favorite things Crafts, Comedy, and a movie franchise that's basically people with muscles, whose superpower is that they're good with cars? Even if only one of these is your jam, you'll have a fun weird time at the Craft and the Furious.”

Matty Vu is the comedian and crafter behind Craft and the Furious: an upcoming evening of craft, comedy, and cars Craft and the Furious started as something he held at his apartment, where friends would come over, craft, and watch the movie, The Fast and the Furious starring action star, Vin Diesel.

“People would make Halloween costumes, decoupage, or friendship bracelets. Whatever they had,” says Matty. More and more friends wanted to attend, and eventually, someone suggested putting on a one-time-only event.

The show will be held at Little Mountain Gallery on Main St., where Matty also runs a monthly comedy show called Bloodfeud. The “comedy club house,” is owned and operated by comedians in Vancouver and is always open to things on the weirder side.

Working with Vancouver's Basic Stitches

Matty has teamed up with The Basic Stitches, quirky cross-stitch aficionados Chelsea Hermanson and Tiff Jung, to sell craft kits for the unprepared. He says he spotted the Vancouver company’s eclectic creations online before reaching out to them.

“I saw one of their sassy cross stitches and loved it. I wondered if they’d be into doing my dumb show, and they’re super on board, which is amazing!”

This is The Basic Stitches' first live event (outside of classes: which by the way, start back up at Bird on a Wire in September, if you want to sign up, and they’re thrilled.

“Using an unconventional medium to express humour is what we are all about, so it’s a natural fit,” says Chelsea. “This has the potential to turn into a hot, hilarious mess and we are so excited to be a part of it.”


Fast and the Furious Custom Cross Stitch Templates

The Basic Stitches team have even made three custom Craft and Furious templates to choose from. 

“We have created cross stitch patterns of Dom, Brian (RIP) and Letty from The Fast and the Furious, reincarnated into Mario Kart form,” says Chelsea. “We had to cutesey them up a little - it’s tough to stitch an anatomically correct Vin Diesel driving a Charger.”

They say they will be crafting at the event, lest they suffer craft FOMO (fear of missing out), and they’re looking forward to spreading the cross-stitch love.

“We're excited to show people that cross-stitch isn't something only your grandma does. The Basic Stitches are already a bit out of the ordinary, and this event will take that to a new level!”

Featuring Local Comedians Ronald Dario, Kerri Donaldson, and Graham Clark

The show will also feature a panel of local comedians, who will critique the film while the audience crafts. The panel features Ronald Dario (Blind Tiger), Kerri Donaldson of sketch troupe Brunch (Montreal Sketchfest, Toronto Sketchfest) and local comedy legend Graham Clark (Stop Podcasting Yourself, Laugh Gallery).

If you feel intimidated about your craft skills, just know that though Matty has always been a crafter, he admits he’s not very good at it.

“I just like making stuff. I don’t find myself very creative or artistic, but I craft with the little creative amount that I have. It’s very childlike, my artistic style.”

Craft and the Furious is one night only: May 19th, at 10pm at Little Mountain Gallery, and tickets are $10. More information available on Facebook, tickets available at Eventbrite.

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