You've probably heard your friends or co-workers talk about switching to natural deodorant. It's a increasingly common move for anyone who is health conscious and wants to avoid toxins in and on their body. It's also a subject people want to discuss with others, as the switch can result in many positive benefits to your lifestyle. Summer is upon us! As the hot Vancouver sun beats down, everyone is reaching for their deodorant to stay fresh and cool in the heat. What you might not realize is your go-to deodorant may be causing more harm than good. Most drugstore deodorants are anti-odor and antiperspirant, which sounds ideal if the goal is to keep from sweating. Turns out, sweating is completely healthy and normal! You're supposed to sweat, as it's our bodies' way of releasing toxins and staying cool. When your deodorant blocks those sweat glands, it creates build up under your skin which can result in tiny bumps and irritation in the armpits. The best option for you and your body may be switching to natural deodorant.

The Downsides of Antiperspirants

So, if sweating is okay - even good for you, what should you look out for when finding a deodorant? Choose a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. Commercial antiperspirants contain aluminum salt, and it's this ingredient that blocks your pores and keeps the sweat away. Not only does that creating build up, aluminum has been shown to have negative health impacts such as being a possible cause of breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease. With your armpits so close to your chest area, rubbing that on once a day or more can start to seem worrying considering these side effects. Other toxic ingredients you want to watch for in your deodorant are:
  • Parabens –  Environmental toxin, cancer, reproductive disorders, allergen
  • Phthalates – Cancer, birth defects, infertility, allergen

Benefits of Natural Deodorants

Natural deodorants have many health benefits. They encourage the growth of friendly bacteria that keep your under arms smelling good. You'll also find yourself sweating less, as the pores are clear to expel the salt and water from your body in a slow and steady process that you will barely notice! Look forward to wearing more white shirts too, as it's the aluminum that causes your clothes to yellow and stain, not the sweat itself. Most natural deodorants are scented with essential oils to prevent any odor. These soothe the skin and have sweet natural scents of their own. These are some ingredients to seek out in your natural deodorant:
  • Baking Soda – Removes odor, absorbs sweat
  • Essential Oils – Naturally plant based, soothes the skin, and has a pleasing scent
  • Mineral Salts – Forms a temporary layer on the skin instead of being absorbed into the skin and clogging pores, prevents odor and growth of sweat-digesting skin bacteria

Switching to Natural Deodorant with Dom's Deodorant

Our go-to brand of natural, aluminum free deodorant is Dom's Deodorant, an amazing company based in Salt Spring Island, BC. It began as a home experiment to find a natural deodorant that worked for Dominica, the founder of Dom's Deodorant. Dom's line of natural, vegan deodorants absorb moisture, inhibit bacteria (which causes odor) and ensure a long lasting and amazingly effective ‘fresh factor’ all without the use of harmful chemicals, petroleum, and aluminum compounds found in commercial antiperspirants. Choose from fresh scents like lemongrass & cedar, lavender & rosemary, and many more! Dom's formulas are low in baking soda, as too much can irritate the skin. They're also heat stable, which means the natural oils won't become a liquid pool in the summer heat, staying as an easy to apply cream. "Dom’s Deodorant is really just an expression of my desire to help people make a positive shift toward better health and wellbeing." Says Dom.  Shop Dom's Deodorant on our website, or come by our store and try out a tester for yourself! Share your favourite natural deodorant with us on Facebook!

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