Every parent wants to see their children succeed, thrive, and be happy will doing so. In the early years, creating a strong sense of self and building self confidence is the most powerful gift a parent can give their child. As kids reach adolescence, their confidence can waver as the stress of school and puberty hit in full force. A positive home life and a solid network of support goes a long way in reducing the stress and allowing them to blossom into accomplished young adults. Surrounding children with messages of strength and empowerment instills a reminder of their worth and potential as they grow. Before they can run, they must walk. And before they can achieve greatness, they must have courage.

The Meaning of Courage

Courage comes in many forms. The most common association is bravery - conquering your fears, doing impressive or daring feats. But courage doesn't always have to feel like courage. Courage can feel like fear, anxiety, self doubt. But courage is also the act of pushing through all those feelings and getting to the other side. Courage is showing up. Being present. Courage is being nervous, but knowing you are brave and capable to overcome any obstacle in life.

Redfish Kids Clothing for the Courageous


Redfish Kids Clothing is a small but thriving Vancouver business. Made with love and attention to detail, using handpicked fabrics from around the world, all Redfish garments are made locally - no sweatshops involved! Using bright colours and bold messages, Redfish strives to honour the strength and courage of children and their unlimited potential to shape the future of the world. Courage plays a huge part in their tshirt designs, appearing in large playful fonts splashed across the fabrics. The brand focus is creating clothing that is breathable, organic, and can be worn while active or curled up with a book. These versatile pieces mean that no matter where your child is throughout the day, they are reminded of their strength and self worth with Redfish's empowering designs. From newborn to teenager, surround your child in positivity through Redfish Kids Clothing's eco-friendly and powerful designs. We are so proud to support Redfish Kids Clothing at Bird on a Wire Creations. Their message is an extremely powerful one and we are honoured to carry their items in store. Visit us at 2525 Main St to see our full Redfish Kids Clothing selection! Share stories of your courageous child with us on Facebook!

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