Sometimes we get invited to a dinner and don't know what to bring as a hostess gift. If this is you, or you're in a once-in-a-lifetime situation where you've run out of ideas of what to bring, we’ve got you covered with something for everyone!

Justindeed Coasters

The gift for the drinkers - of any kind! Avoid those condensation beads and rings by placing one of these coasters under each drink. With different designs to choose from including: fruit, succulents, botanical wreath, Vancouver, and Tumbler time-lapse, everyone will be able to choose their own personalized coaster. 🥃

Sadie’s Soaps

Smell-good-and-feel-clean gifts are always a good decision, especially if you don’t know what to bring your guests. Made with Steamworks Craft Beer, these soaps are naturally anti-bacterial and richly moisturizing. Choose from two different scents, coffee or handmade, and keep hands clean and free - truly a soap-erstar gift!

Arbutus Candle Company 

With many candle types to choose from including, candle sticks, pillar, tea lights, beehive, round, square, soy, beeswax, these candles are designed to be burned for a while, as well as look and smell great. A great way to light up the party!

Cocoa West 

Does the dinner you’re attending involve children? Keep them - and their sweet tooths - occupied with some organic chocolate bars. With four flavours to choose from, including “Snap” which has Zing-y ginger and crunchy cocoa nibs, they’ll be picking at these bars rather than their guests. 

Ho And Co 

If we’re talking about gifts for everyone, we can’t forget about the ones who run the place - the pets! Ho And Co’s double sided Velcro straps make an easy attachment to the pets’ collar. They are locally made in Vancouver and come in many different prints. 🐾

Le Meadow

Take a look at our “Pump Up The Jam” blog where we touch on the preserves and their perfect pairings! Six preserves to choose from to give food a sweet little kick!

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