Meet the Greeting Card Artist Laura Kwok of Art + Soul Creative Co

In the three years, greeting card artist Laura Kwok and her wonderful illustrations have been with Bird on a Wire Creations, she has managed to capture the hearts of Vancouverites and tourists alike. Many of her devoted followers eagerly await her newest cards, while stocking up on her classics every season. Laura's brand, Art + Soul Creative Co, is a constantly growing collection of quirky greeting cards and whimsical art prints.

The Story Behind Laura Kwok's Hard Work and Success

As big fans of her art, we reached out to Laura Uy (pronounced oo-ey, like gooey!) to hear the story behind her hard work and success.

Laura Uy has been a wonderful presence in our shop, making her name as the go-to greeting card artist for quirky and pun-filled cards for many years. We sat down with Laura to learn about the artist behind the illustrations and discover what drives her to get up and create every day.

The following is a Q&A with our fabulous artist, we hope you enjoy reading about her journey as much as we did!

From a Teaching Degree to a Full Time Illustrator

Greeting Card Artist Laura Uy

When did you first know you were interested in illustration?
I was studying towards a teaching degree and my friends would find me doodling in the margins of my notebook instead of listening to the lectures. I always knew that I was creative and artistic, but had never really thought about pursuing it as a career. After I graduated from University and tried teaching for a year, I realized I wasn’t fully passionate about it and that’s when I started to rediscover my love for creating art.

When did you realize working in the arts was something you could do?
When I realized I had no desire to teach in a public school, I got a job at an art studio teaching kids and adults to paint. It was during that time that I really honed my skills and experimented with different styles. After two years of working at this studio, I decided to take a risk and took 4 months off to pursue my art and see where it could take me. During this time, I started selling my artwork and creating illustrations for various clients and companies. That was the very beginning of Art + Soul, and I’ve never looked back since!

What’s your most popular product?
For cards, it changes throughout the seasons, but a few bestsellers that I probably will have a hard time discontinuing would be Dinomite Birthday or Lettuce Celebrate.


Laura Kwok Designing for the BC Children’s Hospital


What was your biggest project to date?

One of the biggest and most meaningful projects was for BC Children’s Hospital where I designed murals for three operating rooms at the new Teck Acute Centre. I filled the rooms with mountains, narwhals, and dinosaurs to create a calming and positive atmosphere. It was truly a dream project and one that I’m very proud of.

How has your work changed over the last two years?

My style has definitely changed and continues to evolve. I think it used to be more whimsical and floral because that is what many of my clients wanted, but I’ve started to showcase my own personal style lately which is bolder – my latest mural at The Profile in North Van is an example of that.

What’s surprised you most about endeavouring into the arts?

I never realized how much administrative work there was involved! Being a freelance artist also means being an entrepreneur and running my own business (which is not my strength, but something I am continually working on).

Laura Kwok Continues to Create as an Illustrator

What’s next for the Greeting Card Artist Laura Kwok?

Last year I started my Travel Series – a growing collection of art prints based off of cities I’ve visited. I want to add more cities to my series because people have definitely been asking for them. It’s gotten to the point where people will come up to me at shows and say, “So… I see you STILL haven’t made one for Vancouver!!!”. I’ll just laugh and say, “I’m working on it!”. But now that I’ve mentioned it in this interview, it’s in writing and you can all continue to pester me about it and keep me accountable.

Continue to follow Laura - along her artistic journey by visiting us in store to see her latest creations! Or browse her cards on our website. We love seeing our artists grow and thrive, and we just can't wait to see what's next!

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