We're still in the heat of summer, but time flies when you're having fun! Which means... it's time to start planning for school again! While that may not sound as exciting as a trip to the beach or a backyard BBQ, getting your kid ready for a new year of school takes time and preparation. So don't put it off much longer! It's not all textbooks and new pencils though... shopping for back to school essentials can be fun for the whole family!

Decorate Your Backpack with Enamel Pins

So you have a backpack that looks like every other backpack in your school. What's a kid to do? Let your personality shine through and show off your creativity by decorating your book bag with your favourite enamel pins! Our favourite pin artists are My Cat is People, Crafted Van, and Lana Betty Pins, but we have many more to choose from in store, so take a trip to Main St to explore the full variety! 

Fun Back to School Essentials - Einai Design Snack bags

These reusable snack bags are easy to use, easy to clean, and funky as all get out! Pick up a snack set for your apples and sandwiches in a assortment of fabrics and designs. Guaranteed to make your lunches stand out from the crowd, these locally made bags keep your food fresh longer than plastic does! Einai Designs also makes wonderful glasses pouches so you can keep your reading glasses safe and clean in your backpack, in fun and bright fabrics.

Fun Back to School Essentials - Draw Me a Lion Color Me Tote Bag

So you have the pins, and you have the snack set and matching glasses case... sounds like you need a unique way to carry these things to school in. Leave the backpack on the shelf, and grab your Color Me Tote Bag by Draw Me A Lion! Included with the tote are 4 special heat-set fabric markers, so you can color the bag like it's your own canvas... there's no such thing as too much creativity! Visit our website for more fun back to school essentials, and be sure to stop by the store for the full selection! Share your best back to school tips with us on Facebook!

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