Looking for ways to shake things up? 

Amola Salts are locally made in British Columbia and developed by one of the world’s leading chefs and culinary trend specialists, Eric Pateman. These salts will are a table top neccessity to enhance every dish! We've listed five delicious flavours that are sure to bring increase the flavour to your meals: 


This is Amola’s best-selling salt; using real heritage breed pork in this salt to provide that authentic flavour and texture. Try it on popcorn, eggs, sautéed green vegetables or anything else you want to add that smoky bacon goodness too. It is especially good with dark chocolate! 

Garlic & Rosemary

This versatile salt can be used for everyday seasoning for dishes such as soups, stews, and roasts. A pungent aroma of garlic and distinctive rosemary to elevate your dishes. Add this salt to a roasted lamb leg to take it to the next level! 

Molten Hot

Looking to add a little salty spice? Meet your match with some of the hottest chilies in the world and give your tastebuds a kick. Add this salt to your favourite soup, fajitas or roasted vegetables, use it as a spicy rimmer on Caesar glass or sprinkle it on your meat for an extra dash of heat! 

Black Truffle

One of the richest and luxurious flavours Amola offers. The perfect pairing to a caprese salad and mashed potatoes to elevate this side dish to the main dish. 

Coast to Coast Duo

Celebrate the best of both coasts, containing of 
two styles of Kosher sea salt: flakes from the Pacific Ocean, and grains from the Atlantic Ocean. These everyday salts can be used for just about everything, including in salted caramel desserts, salted chocolate chip cookies, or anywhere else you want to add an all-natural hint of saltiness.


Take a look at all the flavours here and spice it up with a little sweetness to have a sweet and salty flavour enhancement to your next dish!

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