Once a quarter, we feature a new artist at Bean Around the World, our wonderful coffee shop friends across the street. From May to July, we’re proud and excited to announce not just one, but three new artists at Bean Around the World whose work will be displayed on their walls, available for purchase through our store!

Our three artists are part of Artists in Our Midst, a dynamic group of artists dedicated to bringing public awareness to art created in our community and to promoting visual art in Vancouver. They will be taking part of the West of Main Art Walk on June 2 + 3, 2018, an event showcasing the diverse creative talents in our community by visiting artists in their studio settings, and exploring the stories behind the art and artists.

Please help us welcome Barb Bowlsby, Liz Perry, and Jane McDougall. Let's meet the artists!

Local Artist Barb Bowlsby

“I don’t believe art should be overly complicated. I usually start by playing with colour and textures on a canvas with little expectation. I let the canvas show me where to go next. An entire night can go by and I will still be playing on that same canvas. It can end up abstract, possibly showing hints of realism or the unexpected, many times left to the eyes of the beholder. It’s the process that I love.”

Barb Bowlsby is a born and raised Vancouverite. She has been working in the arts since she was a little girl. Painting, photography, vessel and clothing design are some of her passions. She has done both solo and group shows across the continent, recently returning from an exciting show in SoHo, NY.  

Known as the Gold Artist to some, as she incorporates metal leaf in many of her pieces. Barb is passionate about giving back to the city that has given her so much, involving herself in many organizations and charities. She has received numerous awards of recognition over the decades, participates on several boards and remains an Active Member with the Federation of Canadian Artists.


Vancouver Artist Liz Perry

Liz Perry is an emerging artist based out of Vancouver, BC. She studied fine arts at Kwantlen College/University and Simon Fraser University. Liz creates vibrant, colourful portraits using acrylics on canvas.

She is strongly influenced by artists such as Andy Warhol, Kehinde Wiley and Nielly Francoise. Liz has recently been a participant in the North Shore Art Crawl, she is a part of the Arts Rental Programme for the North Vancouver Community Arts council and has exhibited her work at City Scape Gallery and the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery. She has also been featured in the February 2018 issue of Wotisart? magazine and will be exhibiting her art coming up in June 2018 for the Artists in our Midst - West of Main Art Walk.

Mixed Media Artist Jane McDougall

Returning to Bean Around the World after her three month solo showcase, Jane's mixed media art is joining Barb and Liz on the walls.

Jane McDougall is a mixed media artist and sculptor with a love for the nostalgic and the abstract. Beginning in three dimensional pottery, mixed media was a natural transition.

“Part of the reason I’m drawn to mixed media is the texture and the layering. You’ve got more than a flat surface. It really appeals to me. You’re sanding, you’re adding, and you’re taking things away. I find it quite related. More than just painting.”

To find out more about Jane's journey as an artist, read our Featured Artist segment where we interview Jane and learn her creative process.

Next time you are in need of a coffee, head to Bean Around the World on Main Street in between Broadway and 10th Ave (right across from our store) and take a look at these three wonderful artists!

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