We are excited to announce our new Featured Artist, Jane McDougall!

Jane is a local BC artist, who is inspired by the great outdoors. She is guided intuitively by her paintings, as her inspirations are visible in her eccentric art style. We love the technique Jane uses, along with her unique textures, bright colours, and blankets of layers achieved in her paintings!  

Jane's artwork will be on display in our window at our store at 2950 W Broadway in Vancouver. Come in between 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday.

A little background about Jane

Jane McDougall graduated from ECUAD in 1991. After working for years as a potter on Granville Island, she now works from her backyard studio in Kitsilano.

Not only does spending time in her backyard studio give Jane her art inspiration, but her artistic style stems directly from her curious and free-spirited personality, which is transparently brought into her art. She spends her time being inspired by the outdoors and taking the time to explore local forests and beaches, as well as ski in Whistler when she's not painting, of course!

In her paintings, Jane is guided intuitively by her materials, including gluing paper to bury old and reveal new layers. She achieves a successive layering by her use of graceful sanding, and a soft yet bright colour palette, which is laid on top of a neutral canvas. 

Viewers of her art see Jane’s process and are taken along on her creative journey, as her strokes, layers, and abstract gestural marks in her artwork express the past, the present, and the future. 

Take a look at Jane's paintings

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