Audra is a Vancouver painter and creator of the popular greeting card line RabbitRabbit cards.

She studied painting and drawing at Emily Carr University of Art and design and has participated in solo and group shows since 1998. Originally from Victoria, B.C. She has lived in Vancouver for the past 20 years.

Her signature work consists of edgy, abstracted figures, often interlaced with self-portraiture in a mix of mediums.

Artist Statement

My work is constantly changing and yet always revolving around to the same recurring content. Legs, arms, limbs, reaching, stretching, grasping to be big, open and free. Human/animal hybrids often show up as an effort to return to innocence, peace, our true nature.


I generally dive in to the practice with little or no idea as to which direction to go. I follow in agony, bliss, terror, pain, thrill, until I stop. I especially love drawing in graphite in an attempt to translate my fierce inner world onto the surface, then move onto moving paint in it's delicious silky nature.

It starts with a physical outburst. Slashing, dancing, grinding, a conversation in lines with the solid surface. I see a woman's hip, the lines of her sensually stretching out, reaching, twisting, bending, folding, and then the stories, pour forth. As the shapes and layers and direction of lines assemble into stories I follow the flow to the next thing, and then to the next.

Whatever phenomena I am living with at the time is funneled into the art and hopefully purified entirely. Layers, stories, shapes, lines.

I'm interested in sharing an authentic, raw experience from this point in the universe. Emotion, sex, humor, animals, loneliness, isolation, strength, suffering, all the human junk.

My work is autobiographical and often self portraiture. 

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