Last month Kate Nagel, Owner of Bird on a Wire Creations in Kitsilano, had an interview with real estate agent, Holly Wollmann. Below Kate shares with Holly all about Bird on a Wire and how it came to be. 

Thanks so much to Holly Wollmann for this great interview, we love having you as a part of the Bird on a Wire Community. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the greater Vancouver area, you can contact Holly here. 

How was Bird on a Wire created?

Kate was a part of a crafting group that met every week and one day in the spring in 2009, she said, “What If there was a space where artists and makers could sell their work all year?” Often these small local artists bring their work to fairs, or markets but I wanted to make it available all year. Kate’s friend said, “that is a great idea, you should do it,” and Kate proceeded to say, “yes I think I will. I want to champion local artists.”

Kate carries her personal values into her work environment everyday as she believes that is the easiest way to stay authentic. Kate realizes the importance of holding space for all the artists' worries and concerts. We, as humans, view the world through our own life experiences so everyone has a slightly different view and deserves to be heard.

Do you have a creative heart? Have you been told that your passion is just great as a “hobby” and then asked what your “real job” is? That is why Kate created this community. Kate wants to build a community that says “yes you are important and your work matters and, yes, you can do that.” 

Why Is It Important to Shop Local? 

We must build a strong foundation to help others outside of us. Kate believes in building  a place of compassion and kindness because if we create a space of strength in our community, that energy will ripple out. 

If an artist wants to join Bird on a Wire, how can they submit their work? 

You can come in person in our physical location or you can submit a form on the website. You can email us at and include links to your website or social media or simply include images of what you make. Kate and the team mentor’s their artists and if they need it to create a brand, they will support them through it.

Why do clients love Bird on a Wire and why do they keep coming back? 

Kate explained that clients like the way they feel in the space. We welcome every person into the store. It’s about bringing sunshine to people around you.

If you want to support Bird on a Wire, we would love to see you in the store! If you can’t make it into the store, or if you live overseas, then please visit our online store here. 

Welcome to the community. 

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