Artist in the Window — Lori Bagneres; Caede’s Card Making Workshop; and Cocolico Chocolate Tasting events this weekend.

We have a plethora of events running this weekend, so get your electronic devices/day timers and pens ready!

This week’s Artist in the Window is visual artist, Lori Bagneres. Born in Ontario and now living in North Vancouver, Lori received her art education in France at L’école Nationale des Beaux Arts de Grenoble.

Lori’s new body of work uses of images of crows to explore the continuous cycle of networking in today’s society. The Corvids (the family name for crows) diurnal, or daily cycle, mimics those of humans. In particular, the social behaviors of sharing, adapting, co-operating -and even spying, grieving and remembering who-did-what-to-whom- have been observed. The images of crows, our urban cousins, are layered into surreal settings through the use of mixed media techniques and offer visual explorations of common idioms that tell ironic tales of the ins-and-outs of communicating within our complex social structures.

Getting our wires crossed, Sharing the party line and It’s complicated are titles of paintings currently showing in our shop. Drop by this Saturday, March 31st, between 11-4 to watch Lori work on her composition entitled,  Out of the Loop. To see more of Lori’s work, please visit her website, here.



Caede Pungente will also be in the shop this Saturday, March 31st between 1:30-3:30. She will be offering a card-making workshop. This is a perfect opportunity to make customized cards for upcoming birthdays, Mother’s Day, Easter, or for any other event you might be booked to attend. Space is limited, so please call ahead to book your spot at 604-874-7415. Caede’s Cards makes personalized, one-of-a-kind cards using montage techniques and recycled bits. To read our previous posts on Caede, please follow this link, and this link.





Back by popular demand, and not to be missed, we have Cocolico and their wonderfully decadent chocolate confections for an in-house tasting! Roll your tongue around these little morsels of delicousness for a special Sunday afternoon activity. Treats will be served this Sunday, April 1st between 2-4:30. To read our previous post, please follow this link.