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Five Ingenious Vancouver Made Gifts For Him

The gift-giving season is well and truly upon us! While some people are easy to buy for, there are some who are a little harder to crack. Unfortunately it is usually the men in our lives who seem to have everything they want and need already. I say this as a man myself! That is […]

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Bird On A Wire Spotlight Artist: 5enses

Bringing local art and the community together has been our goal since the store was established almost six years ago. It is a goal that we work day in and day out to achieve, both inside and outside of our store walls. Curating the art for the local Bean Around the World coffee shop has provided […]

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The 5 Best Handmade And Craft Markets In Vancouver This Holiday Season

As much as we LOVE farmer’s markets in the summer – all those fresh fruits & veggies & great handmade art – I think we can all agree that the Holiday season has  the best craft markets of the entire year. At Bird On A Wire, we operate as a kind of ‘best-of’ market all […]

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5 Accessories You NEED To Survive The Vancouver Winter

Let’s face facts. Vancouver doesn’t get cold. Well, not cold cold anyhow. Those of us who have spent some time in the prairies know what REAL cold is like, and west coast weather doesn’t come close. While most of us won’t be needing a Northface jacket that’s rated to withstand temperatures of -20C, we DO […]

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Bird On A Wire Spotlight Artist: Tout de Sweet Confections

Visions of marshmallows danced in their heads. You know that famous poem, right? “The children were nestled, all snug in their beds; while visions of marshmallows danced in their heads;” Oh wait, that’s supposed to be “sugar plums”. Well, who likes sugar plums? I’d much rather have gourmet marshmallows, or caramels, or popcorn, or lollipops! […]

Eastside Culture Crawl

Get Out There! 3 Cool Vancouver Art Exhibits You Need To See

The rain has come, and we’re all wondering whether to give in to our bunker mentality, closing the curtains and shutting out the stormy world, or make plans to do something FUN (that won’t involve us getting too wet, of course). I’ve been the bunker kind of girl for a long time, but in the […]


Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

We KNOW you’ve been thinking about it. You’ve seen the decorations in the stores, and the posts on Facebook. It’s undeniable. Halloween is almost here. So what are YOU going to dress up as? Those of you who look forward to Halloween as a way to stretch your creative DIY muscles don’t really need to […]

Best of Vancouver

Thanks For Voting Us #1 In The Georgia Straight’s Best Of Van

WE WON!! It’s such a THRILL to be voted the BEST GIFT SHOP IN VANCOUVER by the readers of The Georgia Straight! The Georgia Straight readers are OUR people. They are Vancouverites who think outside the box, who aren’t afraid to take risks to connect with others & build a community that we can all […]

Thanksgiving with Bird On A Wire Creations

Plan Out Your Thanksgiving With Bird On A Wire

As I came into work today, sharing my commute with various Vancouverites on the Skytrain, I started to feel, for the first time, the “nip” of the autumn air. Granted, I had to ascend up the equivalent of 2 flights of stairs in a speeding train to feel it, but it was unmistakably cooler than […]