Jane McDougall mixed media artist Vancouver

Featured Artist – Jane McDougall

Meet the Artist Once a quarter, we feature a new artist at Bean Around the World, our wonderful coffee shop friends across the street. From February to April, we’re proud and excited to announce Jane McDougall’s mixed media work will be displayed on their walls, available for purchase through our store. Jane McDougall is a mixed media artist […]

the art of hygge in vancouver

Back To The True Meaning Of Hygge

It’s not your imagination. CBC Radio confirmed this week that January wrapped up a whopping 20% rainier than usual in Vancouver. It’s wet. It’s dark. But does it have to be miserable? Enter Hygge (pronounced who-gah), the Danish concept of coziness and winter optimism. Hygge has existed since the 1800s, but swept the world over […]

local Valentine's Day gifts made in Vancouver

Locally-Made is for Lovers! Staff Picks for Valentine’s Day

OK. Don’t panic, but Valentine’s Day is two weeks away. Whether you have a honey pie at home or you’re just looking to show a friend some love, Bird on a Wire Creations has a wide selection of locally made gifts for giving! We’ve asked our staff to pick out their favourite gifts for Valentine’s […]

best local items for winter

Five Locally-Made Items to Help You Survive a Wet Winter

Looking at the calendar wondering when winter will be over? Horrified to discover we’ve still got another two months to go? Luckily, we here at Bird on a Wire Creations have five items from our local artists & artisans that will help you snuggle up and bunker down for the second half of winter. Blanket Scarves […]

best DIY Valentine's Day gifts for friends


Remember the buzz of Valentine’s Day in the classroom? It was the thrill of themed cards and tiny candies being dished out by fellow classmates. It was awaiting your best friend’s reaction because the Spice Girls cards your Mom bought you were freaking lit. But we’re older now: adult, mature. Out of the classroom, we […]

learn how to cross stitch new classes

It’s The Perfect Time To Learn Cross Stitch

It’s the perfect time to cross stitch. I mean, it’s the new year. We realise it’s “the perfect time” to start anything. Yoga. Veganism. Finally making a souffle. (Does anyone make souffles anymore?) But resolutions aside, we mean it, it really is the perfect time to cross stitch! Here’s three reasons why: Cross stitch is […]

100 hats on sale at Bird on a Wire


Winter has begun, and whether it’s the freezing rain or the crisp dry days that are making it feel like the cold is literally seeping into your bones, one thing is for sure – your closet doesn’t have enough winter hats to help keep you warm & stylin’! “What?” you say.  Do you actually want […]

best local one-of-a-kind holiday gifts in Vancouver

Our Picks for Locally Made, Eco-Friendly, One-of-a-Kind Gifts

At Bird on a Wire, our artists have put time and care into the finer details of their craft, making many of their creations a stand-alone piece of art. Some items you’ll find are even more unique due to the materials involved; such as live-edge wood pieces, and sculptures made from up-cycled metals. We’ve put […]

Image of East Van cross and title

Introducing: New Holiday Artists!

It’s time to start Holiday shopping in earnest! Buckle down and start researching your friends and family to discover their favourite gifts. To help you find something truly unique, never before seen, we are happy to announce a large selection of brand new holiday artists in our store and on our shelves! It’s hard to […]